To Make Up or Not To Make Up

Oooooh the joy of finding up a little pot of sparkly fabulousness! At the make up counter, you spot it. It’s there, waiting to become a dusting of colour on your eyelids. Or it’s in a perfect tube, one twist and the rich colour becomes a ‘kiss me now’ stain upon your lips.

You try to drown out the SA telling you how great it would be on you, swat her away when she tries to distract you with ‘other’ colours – pah! Don’t stop me now! THIS was what I was looking for. Come home with me you gorgeous coming together of all that I want that’s also neatly encased in a travel friendly holder. Once home it’s drop everything for the unveiling, the opening. Like a butterfly coming out of the caterpillar’s shadow, this slick of lipstick will transform me! Like the first falling of Autumn leaves, one sweep of this eyeshadow will form a comforting blanket around my eyes.

The beauty and power of a perfectly made up face is one not to be taken for granted. The air of confidence, the ‘look at me’ attitude, the flutter of perfectly coated eyelashes…  Why oh why, would this not excite you? When all else fails, a sleek coat of lipstick and a flick of coiffed hair is all a girl needs to get back on track.


5 responses to “To Make Up or Not To Make Up

  1. Absolutely! 😉

  2. hehe Monty, I guess we’re thinking along the same lines!

  3. Great minds think alike 😉

  4. This is one of the reason I don’t buy much online. I like handing over my credit card and getting the bag. I then like having another look later say when I’m having a coffee and again when I get home. I do like geting parcels in the post but its not the same somehow.

  5. Glitter.. you’ve just read my mind!

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