Smashed into Pieces

There’s a moment in SATC: The Movie, right after Carrie is jilted and she claims that ‘I didn’t break him – maybe he [Big] just didn’t break me’

Through the years, the lets downs and then the making ups, what had changed about their relationship? No one knows if it’s forever so do you have to change to stay together? Or can you remain you, and the love of your life simply loves you for being you? Forever.

What about compromise? Isn’t that what we’re told is at the heart of a good relationship? How do you compromise and remain true to you? Maybe if someone understands you enough and cares enough, they get what big a deal a serious compromise actually is for you.

But then flip that around. Why wouldn’t you want to compromise in a relationship? If you love this person, you want to see them happy – what’s an afternoon trailing around a car boot auction when you know how excited finding an original Clash single on vinyl will make him?

And then there are the perks of being one half of Mr & Mrs Smile! He’s happy, that makes you happy and you spend the night making each other happy, if you get my drift. Breakfast in bed becomes a whole new thing!

But if a compromise is too much, it leads to a big old ball of nasty festering. THAT can become the reason you start to buy the brand of toothpaste you like, then you arrange to meet your friends, the ones he doesn’t like, maybe the stolen looks at someone else to make him jealous are a step too far. Before you know it, you expect everything just the way you like it and that’s a one way ticket to On My Own Street, Singlesville.

I’d like to think that I can compromise. In fact I know I can. It’s just that I haven’t met anyone I want to compromise that much for! And at the moment I’m quite happy residing at On My Own Street because really and truly, I’ve been sufficiently under whelmed by any invitations to live at Coupled Up Avenue, Smugtown. So far.


2 responses to “Smashed into Pieces

  1. Lol, Smugtown…. Perhaps if we are lucky/unlucky enough we will all end up there, even for a short while. I know my sojourns there have been rather brief!

  2. Oh yes, compromise is tough. I still struggle with it after 10 years!!! Being less selfish really does go against my nature, but what the hell. Anyway, when I think about it, I’m being less selfish so as I’ll get my own way later/tomorrow/next week… Such contradicton – I truly am a Leo!

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