Are You There World?…

… it’s me, Glitter. It’s been a long time since Judy Blume penned a similarly titled book and Jeez, I don’t even want to know exactly how long ago that was – but I can confirm that I’d fill a whole library with questions that poor Margaret was a long way from forming. Thinking about it though, getting MY first bra really wasn’t that big a deal. Nor was school, really, nor was my first boyfriend, nor was the first time I was ID’d, not even the first time I had to pay my own rent.


It’s funny how things can be so different for different people. I do remember though that a lot about school was about fitting in – I was part of ‘THE Group’ but longed to get to college to do my own thing. There were of course, certain things that nearly everyone did in order to fit in. Did you ever collect ‘fancy paper’? I did and the reality was that most schoolgirls my age had a bedroom that was an outright fire hazard!

Someone would always have an Uncle or Cousin that brought them back some fancy paper from France or America; pink pads of parchment with sparkle in the corner that no one else had a hope of getting, say. So, in order to build up your own collection, that girl became your NBF, you’d swap papers and try to make sure she didn’t do any other swaps and then when it was your turn to be the envy of everyone else, you’d just open it to the highest bidder…


I don’t know why I ever started collecting fancy paper and I don’t know why I stopped. Did I grow up and simply cast it aside as childish or did I find something else to put in a box and look at?

I went through a phase of collecting Hello Kitty handbags, thankfully I bypassed collecting STDs and now, well, I just seem to collect bad dates, fabulous shoes but maybe also horrific drunken flashbacks. This blog is something I’ve started. I’ve collected lots of things to talk about. I wonder if I start, when will I stop?


9 responses to “Are You There World?…

  1. I’m going to kick off proceedings by saying how bloody fabilis your blog is!

    You go gurl! 🙂

  2. ooh, and i forgot all about Judy Blume, you have some memory!

  3. About time GK – loving the pic!!

  4. Brilliant!! just figured out you have a blog through the blue name thing!!!

  5. hehe.. you’re making me blush, girlies! ta so much

  6. Lovin the blog GK! I always envied your fancy smelly paper. 😦

  7. Wha hey hey. Looks really good GK. Really like the layout……

  8. love the design! It’s just YOU dahling!

  9. cheers Aphro.. i do try 😉

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